Friday, August 10, 2007


Consider this a bonus post for this week, especially since it's rather off topic :)

August is traditionally "silly season" in the newspaper biz -- when a dearth of the usual news means journalists are scrambling for stories, and things that wouldn't ordinarily get noticed make headlines.

I've been amusing myself recently creating "LOLsaints" -- analagous to LOLcats. Actually, I would have thought that LOLsaints were an obvious development. I'm amazed no one else seems to be doing them yet.

I have more ideas than this, but here's a start. Anyone should feel free to copy and use these icons (though obviously, not to commercialize them).

Aplz-t Brushn-t Itz-watchin-t

X-marx-t Sebastian-t Lawrence-bbq

Lucy-see-t Simon-saw-t Teehee-t

Veronica-t Owie-t WTF-t

EDIT: Oops, forgot one:

Both large (300x300 pixels) and small versions of all of these are available on my Flickr page.