Friday, February 25, 2005

Computer Age rosaries

Never let it be said that the rosary isn't a living and constantly changing devotion, because it is.

Not only are we seeing new 20-decade rosaries that include Pope John Paul II's new set of "mysteries" for meditation, but there are forms of rosaries of which our forebears could never have dreamed....

The credit-card rosary

This seems to be the modern version of the "pocket" or "soldier's" rosary -- small, sturdy, able to be carried in a pocket for personal use anytime. I haven't yet heard of one of these carried in a shirt pocket stopping a bullet (a story heard many times about pocket Bibles or prayer books) but I'm sure it will be reported sooner or later.

The rosary online

You can now pray the rosary online — or at least, you can pray with an animated diagram in front of you to remind you what to do next. I haven't yet seen one clever enough to recommend, though; so far they all seem to be fairly clunky.

Electronic rosary

However you can get yourself a portable electronic rosary. In case you were wondering (I was), no, neither of these models will read your mind and automatically move to the next prayer. Instead, you have to push a button when you've finished a prayer, and the battery-powered device will illuminate the proper "bead" for you to pray next.

The home page for the rectangular Vista is here and the round gadget can be found here. The round version even comes with a chain so you can wear it around your neck....

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wanted to add a new product to the list of digital rosaries, this is completely automated, a leader female voice is recorded and the Hail Mary dacade follows autimatically.
available on

12:57 AM  
Blogger Sharon Moran said...

I want to comment to your remark about the credit card type of rosary. Yes there are these types of rosaries. I gave one to my mother who has macular-degeneration, and she is blind. It helps her to say the rosary by the feel, and it has bumps, it is hard to explain, (but it is similiar to the brail used for blind people). I sell rosaries, and would never do anything to jeopardize the authenticity of what you have said about the rosaries & what has been used or is being used for rosaries to have people buy them. I have collected rosaries & medals for 29 years, and would not make up stories for people to be amused by them. I say what I was told when I bought it, usually at estate sales, sometimes from the family of the people who had the rosary, but it is always for money as they do not just give them away. I applaude you in your attempt to make the foolish on these BUY IT NOW sights feel ashamed for their attempts to solicite the unexpecting buyer from the tell-tale weirdo who is out there for sure. But I sell my rosaries to help people out, and to be a soldier for Christ, my Lord & God. If I can touch some souls through the internet with the rosraies that I have so be it. I think it is good, but I have to agree there are some sellers who go beyond the normal range. I am entirely open to your vast range of knowledge & truth, but I am out there for the people who want the chance to be happy to get a very old rosary from a priest or nun etc. By the way, I have also dealt with nuns priests, monks, missionaries, they contact me, and I have checked up on them to see if they are for real. Hope this helps some. Thank you for being so honest, it may be a very good awakening call to those who do not care about the person who is buying the item.

8:33 PM  

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