Sunday, November 14, 2004

Paternoster Row

I feel a little like a proud parent :) I just checked today, and the domain name I was looking for has indeed been registered to me. I've switched over my web address to the new domain, so should now take you directly to the introductory (and so far, only!) page on my paternosters website. It's going to involve fiddling here and there with the webpage title and header, but it's the same page it was last week.

I figured that if I wanted my own domain name, now was the time to do something about it, before I started submitting the web address to search engines, web rings and the like. As it turned out, my first choice was taken by a financial institution that wanted to protect its company name by occupying not only the ".com" version but also .net, .org and just about any other suffix they could find. A middle-of-the-night inspiration led me to think of "Paternoster Row" and here I am!

So if you're passing on my website name to anyone else: the old address will still get you there, but I'd prefer you send them to, which should be good for as long as I have a website, Lord willing and the creek don't rise.